Vegetation and Forests


Forests cover about 85% (1.5 mill. ha, 8 ha forest land/inhabitant) of the land area in North Karelia. Private families own 52 % of the forest area, while forest industry and the state  own approximately one fifth each. 


In natural resources sector, sustainable forestry and bionergy are the key areas of North Karelia Biosphere Reserve.


Most of the country belongs to the northern coniferous forest belt, with most common tree species being pine (Pinus sylvestris), Norway spruce (Picea abies) and birches (Betula pendula, betula pubescens).


North Karelia Biosphere Reserve with the help of  its network aims at promoting sustainable forest management. Special emphasis on sustainable practices is in place at the border area between Finland and Russia and The Green Belt of Fennoscandia is an example of the developing many-sided cooperation between actors in forestry, tourism and nature conservation.