Landscapes and soil


North Karelia has an exceptionally diverse choice of landscapes. The rugged hilly ridges, marshlands, 2.200 lakes and thousands of islands, rivers and rapids, green groves and evergreen coniferous forests portray the distinct beauty of its natural scenery.


With four seasons a year, every season comes with beauty, more so in autumn and winter, which makes the Karelian nature exceptional and vibrant. The extensive wilderness reaches even places where no trace of human activity can be found and where, with luck, one might instead find the tracks left by a bear or a wolf.


27 exquisite and renowned natural landscapes from different regions across Finland were designated by the ministry of environment in the year 1992. This was because the landscapes possessed great symbolic value for Finland both historically and culturally. Two of these  national landscapes, Koli hills and villages of Eastern Finland lie within the North Karelia Biospehere Reserve.