Major habitats and cover types

Photo: Sami Niemelainen

Dry heath forest characterized by Pinus sylvestris, Picea abies, Betula pendula, B. pubescens and Populus tremula; moist heath forest with the above species including Alnus incana; mull-soil forest with Picea abies, Betula pendula and B. pubescens; mire and peatland with Picea abies and Pinus sylvestris; treeless bogs including Vaccinium microcarpum, V. oxycoccus, Andromeda polifolia etc.; watercourses (lakes, ponds, rivers, springs) with Alnus glutinosa, Lythrum salicaria, Scutellaria galericulata etc.; agroecosystems with wheat, oats, barley, potatoes etc.; forestry ecosystems with Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris), spruce (Picea abies) and birch (Betula pendula)