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This project is intended to help make Euregio Karelia more attractive for tourists through gradual leveling of quality of services provided to tourists on both sides of the border(North Karelia province in Finland and Republic of Karelia, in Russia).



Project Objectives

 1. Promoting the introduction of eco-efficient technologies of recreation area management and improving the quality of services offered in active tourism destinations in republic of Karelia (Lake Ladoga and Syamozero areas) in cooperation with adjacent Finnish areas.


 2. Making pilot areas more comfortable, safe, environmentally friendly and known for these features


 3. Improving cross-border tourism trans-boundary practices and regional development cooperation   


The Biosphere Reserve's role in this project is many sided participation in addition to coordination of co-operation between the project countries (Russia and Finland) and also takes care of exchange of sustainability information.  


Photos on this page by: Jaana-Marja Rotinen, Sami Niemelainen, Eevi Kohio, Timo J Hokkanen 



« January 2021 »




Eco-efficient Tourism Project final seminar 27-28.5.2014

" A chance to experience the tangible results of the 2 year project"


-"Eco-efficient tourism" project final seminar will take place in the holiday centre "Denisov mys" on the amazing shore of Syamozero lake and "Ruskeala mining park",Republic of Karelia on May 27-28, 2014. The seminar wild be held in English with possible translation in Russian and Finnish. The participants of the seminar will include representatives of local authorities, business, scientific organizations and NGOs, with no exception of locals and third parties who are interested in project's results. Click here for more info