Venue: Joensuu science park, Olympia hall, Building 3B, V floor; address: Länsikatu 15

Session was organised in co-operation with Regional Council of North Karelia, University of Eastern Finland (Mekrijärvi Research Station)  and JOSEK (Joensuu Regional Development Company)


Bioenergy is seen as an answer to secure energy production in several regions. Bioenergy is also becoming one of Europe's major businesses. Production of bioenergy is forecasted to increase dramatically within a few decades. Is bioenergy a safe and sound solution? Do we have to control the expansion of bioenergy because of its environmental challenges?



-To discuss the role and opportunities of forest based energy in regional development

- To consider the environmental hazards as related to opportunities

- To clarify the “development” aspects (sensu lato)  and  finding the role of regions and BRs in forests related activities

-To initiate proposals/to start new co-operation  



Is it possible to clearly reduce CO2-emissions in energy production and delivery? The session focuses on practical examples to illustrate how the goals are achieved in North Karelia. The region strongly emphasizes renewable wood-based energy production and has a goal of becoming independent of fossil fuels.


The bio-energy cluster of North Karelia has recently experienced a tremendous growth with a turnover of 120 M € and an equivalent of 1 000 full time jobs (166,000 total population). But can the nature withstand the growing demand for bioenergy? This is a heated debate across Europe and examples of these will be vividly discussed during the conference.




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conference results

Session chairperson: Prof. Taneli Kolström (Finnish Forest Research Institute)


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(keynote) CO2 neutral regions are possible - Case North Karelia: Dr Lauri Sikanen, Director, Mekrijärvi Research Station, Professor, University of Eastern Finland


Invited comment:   Dr Pekka Leskinen, Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)


Local energy: More work, less emissions and CO2. Mr Urpo Hassinen, Eno Energy Cooperative

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Joensuu – the Bio-oil city: Mr. Janne Hämäläinen, Development Engineer, Fortum, Heat Division (Fortum Corporation EUR 20 million to build the world's first industrial-scale integrated bio-oil plant in Joensuu. The plant is expected to be in production in autumn 2013.)


Presentation: Roots in the forest  Mr. Jari Nevalainen, CEO, Kesla OYj


New technological breakthrough in bioenergy industry: Mr Anas Zyadin, researcher, University of Eastern Finland


Presentation: Ecological effects and consequences of forest energy harvesting Mr Karri Pasanen, Researcher, Finnish Forest Research Institute


Design and Analysis of Microgrid Power Management: Case Study (Ribiana Oasis, Libya) Dr Faisal A. Mohamed, Renewable Energy Authority of Libya


Presentation:  Energy self-sufficient tourism centre and technological aspects Ms. Tiina Ihalainen, PIKES OY, Finland &


Recycling waste to energy Mr Kari Moilala, CEO, Recycling Energy Ltd, Finland


Forest-based energy and regional rural development: a need to balance justice, prosperity and ecological sustainability? Ms Tanja Kähkönen, researcher, University of Eastern Finland (Did not attend conference due to sickness)