Forest ecosystems

Venue: METLA - Finnish forest research institute (Auditorium Käpy, 1st floor),  address: Yliopistokatu 6, Joensuu

This session was organised together with Baltic Landscape project, University of Eastern Finland, SYKE Joensuu office (a branch office of Finnish Environment Institute, and Metsähallitus



- Forestry and multiple use of  forests

- Forest ecosystem services & forest nature specificities



- Discussing the role of forested ecosystems as a part of landscapes, as centres of biodiversity and as a backbone of many sided economic actions


- Discussing about the role of regions, BRs & model forests in forests related activities


- Proposals/starting new co-operation within the scope of the session




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Session chairperson: prof. (emer.) Paavo Pelkonen


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Keynote: Forestry, nature conservation and tourism - together? Dr Antti Otsamo, Environmental manager;    Metsähallitus, Finland


Keynote:  Forest ecosystem services Dr Petteri Vihervaara, Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)


Assessing the conservation value of North Karelian forest reserves for breeding birds

Dr Philippe Fayt, UEF, Joensuu, Finland

Sustainable forest management in fragmented landscape of Wielkopolska Province, Poland

Dr Adam Całka, Poland


Assessment of sustainable forest management practices in Russia by means of Landsat data time series analysis.

Drs Trishkin M., Lopatin E., Per Angelstam P., Karjalainen T., Gavrilova O.

Effects of soil tilling on the carbon store of boreal podsol soils - Nature reserves and adjacent intensive forestry sites as test fields

Dr Heikki Simola, University of Eastern Finland


Water Chemistry of Springs - Natural Monuments in Beskid Sądecki, Poland

Dr Michal Jasik, Poland