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ENPI CBC Closing Seminar in Petrozavodsk


The project results were presented in the closing seminar organized by the ENPI CBC Programme in Petrozavodsk on 24-26 Sept. 2014. Approximately 20 projects in the forestry and energy sector were joined together in the thematic event.


The cross-border online GIS database and the communication platform were presented as KARLANDS’ key achievements. The opportunity for cooperation and to use the information already accumulated in the database was offered to all the other projects.




KARLANDS Results Disseminated in the European Cooperation Days in Petrozavodsk


fair1.jpgNewly designed KARLANDS brochures in Finnish, Russian and English were presented in the European Cooperation Days in Petrozavodsk on 26 Sept. 2014. In addition, business cards with a QR code were disseminated to simplify the participants’ access to the database.  Furthermore, all the summer activities were summarised in a newsletter (see Newsletter 4/2014).



See Karlands brochures in English, Russian and Finnish.

See Karlands business cards in English and Russian.




 Stakeholders' Meeting in Lieksa


lieksa_pikes.jpgInterested parties gathered together in Lieksa on 10 Sept. 2014 to discuss the focus of the project activities in the region. Stakeholders emphasized a lot of interest in the mapping of cultural monuments in the area, the identification of tourism infrastructure in Muezerka district in relation to Lieksa municipality, a value-chain analysis in a cross-border forestry business, and the overall effect of the Inari border crossing point and of its potential opening for public use to the development of the Lieksa region.




 heikki torpström interviewed for network analysis - VAPO and KARLANDS started an exchange of information 



Heikki  Torpström from VAPO OY is a specialist dealing with the environmental issues concerning peat mining in Eastern Finland. Peat mining is also a key landscape influencer especially in Ilomantsi municipality – a core area of the Karlands project. The constructive approach by VAPO OY will help Karlands to include relevant peatland data of cutover areas and active peat mining areas to the project database.


An exchange of information concerning the project results and peatland monitoring data was agreed upon. Heikki Torpstöm is warmly welcomed to the Karlands circle of collaboration! 




The Way Forward with the ENPI CBC Programme  


sisko_kaarto_f.jpgKARLANDS participated in a meeting organized by the Regional Council of North Karelia on 22 Sept. regarding current experiences of the ENPI CBC projects. Next call for programme proposals and possible available funding were discussed as well.


At the end of the meeting the participants wished a peaceful retirement with hopes of keeping in touch to Sisko Kaarto who is a regional chief in the Regional Council.




Next Steps of Joint Work with the Institute of Economics

(Karelian Research Centre, Petrozavodsk)


Inst_ECON.jpgKARLANDS participated in a meeting in the Institute of Economics in the Karelian Research Centre.


The cooperation approaches and the involvement of the Institute in ongoing research directions were thoroughly discussed with the colleagues from the Republic of Karelia. The next, concrete steps in the research collaboration will be defined during the ongoing week.


In the photo: Maxim Trishkin, Timo J. Hokkanen, Mikhail Sukharev, Tatyana Morozova and Egor Mikhel in the meeting at the institute.






  kesalehti.jpgA number of ENPI projects will finish at the end of 2014. An attachment to Sanomalehti Karjalainen - Kestävästi kehittyvä Pohjois-Karjala  -talviliite - will be published on 6th December and will be a good opportunity to display project results for an audience of 100 000+.


The publication will concentrate on the results of the ending cross-border projects and will be widely distributed in North Karelia.  The issue will also be available on the internet (e-paper) and it can easily be linked to your own website for continuous availability.



In case of interest for a co-publication contact Timo J. Hokkanen (timo.hokkanen@ely-keskus.fi) or Heikki Hamunen (heikki.hamunen@simana.fi).




Upcoming Events

The Green Belt of Fennoscandia regional working group (Karjala) meeting, Kajaani

7 October 2014


KARLANDS attends the IUFRO Congress in Salt-Lake City, USA on 5-13 October 2014




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Project coordinator:  Dr Eugene Lopatin 

e-mail: eugene.lopatin@uef.fi phone: +358 (0)50 44 22923 http://www.karlands.fi






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