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Newsletter 4/2013


Sustainable Karelian Landscapes  -  ENPI Karelia Project KA 528



KARLANDS seminar in Petrozavosk on monday 7.10.2013 at Hotel Onego Palace (13.30 - 17.30)


Be welcomed to discuss about the issues on landscape planning, use of nature resources and nature protection. A brief overview of the approaches and results of ENPI Karland project will be also given.


ENPI KARLANDS project will also be participating in the international Green Belt of Fennoscadia conference with several presentations illustrating the project and finding ways to share and extend the useability of the results and make new partnerships.


Please find draft seminar programme HERE.




KARLANDS will participate at the conference with several interesting presentation



ENPI Karlands project will be represented at the GBF conference in Petrozavodsk, Russia scheduled 7-12th October. The goal is to attach various ENPI activities with GBF process and make better use of the results.


The international conference “Green Belt of Fennoscandia” will take place at the Karelian Research Centre, RAS (KarRC of RAS) - Petrozavodsk, Karelia, Russia.The Conference is listed on the Key Events Plan of the Environment Year approved by the Government of the Russian Federation.H:\\Karlands\\photos\\news\\greenbelt conference_logo.jpg

The Conference will discuss and work out solutions to generate a common system of protected areas in the European North, and to join the efforts for comprehensively dealing with environmental, ethno-cultural and socio-economic problems of the border regions within GBF.(see programme)


For more information on the conference, take a look on conference website and contact by email (gbf2013@krc.karelia.ru).  See you at Petrozavodsk in October!


ENPI KARLANDS project will be participatiing in the conference with several presentations illustrating the approaches and results of the project.





Karlands project started co-operation with Lieksa City, PIKES and KETI (the regional development companies in North Karelia) with experienced actors in Finnish - Russian relationships. The meeting on 28.8. resulted in a very positive decision to start collecting documents and data about transboundary projects and activities into Lieksa City server and archives to be publicly available.  Karlands stakeholder panel also got a few new members.    Welcome to "Karlands family"   :-)



In the Photo: Esko Lehto, Leena Lehikoinen, Eila Lintunen, Risto Kankaanpää and Markku Simanainen at Inari border crossing checkpoint maps. Photo by Timo J. Hokkanen.


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Project coordinator:  Dr Eugene Lopatin 

e-mail: eugene.lopatin@uef.fi phone: +358 (0)50 44 22923 http://www.karlands.fi






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