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Newsletter 3/2014


Sustainable Karelian Landscapes  -  ENPI Karelia Project KA 528


"Landscape Values" and  "Networks"


KARLANDS takes the opportunity to thank all who participated by filling  the project questionnaires on "Landscape values" and "Networks".


The questionnaires' links were closed at the end of April. The project partners are now analysing the results of the questionnaires which will also be part of the mapping platform being undertaken by the project.  The questionnaires will be complemented with additional interviews.


More information about the project activities: click here



International Forestry forum in Arkhangelsk


KARLANDS participated the International Forestry forum held in Arkhangelsk between 2-4 April. The event was jointly prepared by the Government of Arkhangelsk Region and the Federal Forestry Agency (Rosleshoz).



The program revised the conferences and the seminars on sustainable forest exploitation, illegal logging, the federal management of forest resources and bioenergy development.


The key events of the Forum were Roundtables on combatting illegal logging and second phase of implementation of FLEG process among CIS countries.

Photo: Maxim Trishkin

“Intensification of forestry resources utilization” and “conservation of valuable landscapes” were among the key topics during roundtable sessions. These topics are in line with the main targets of KARLANDS project. The 11th specialized exhibition, «Wood and Woodworking» took place during the pannel session of the forum.



KARLANDS at Conifer Seminar "Competitiveness of Russian Forest Sector"

 "Lappeenranta, Finland 24.04.2014"


Experts of ENPI KARLANDS participated in the Finnish-Russian Forest Sector Expertise seminar on 24th of in Lappeenranta Technical University. The event gathered scientists, forest industry and governmental bodies from both Russia and Finland.

Photo: Sami Niemelainen

 Regulatory changes, competitiveness of forest industry, current business environment and novel solutions and knowledge transfer in relation to Russia were the key discussions of the seminar. The seminar was finalized with panel discussion on Russian membership in WTO (World Trade Organization) and its main impacts on Finnish and Russian economies.





 1) Green Belt of Fennoscandia workshop 2.6.2014


Venue: Regional Council of North Karelia, Siltakatu 2, Joensuu (Maakuntasali)

Time: 0900-1500; Language of sessions is Finnish

More info: linnu.marsy@ymparisto.fi (0295 250 367)

Registration and programme: click here

(No. of participants is limited to 30 persons)


2) Green Belt of Fennoscandia workshop 3.6.2014

Place and Time: Petrozavodsk, Russia; 0900-1700.

Language of session is Russian with English translation

More info: Linnu.Marsy@ymparisto.fi (0295 250 367)




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Project coordinator:  Dr Eugene Lopatin 

e-mail: eugene.lopatin@uef.fi phone: +358 (0)50 44 22923 http://www.karlands.fi






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