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Newsletter 2/2013


Sustainable Karelian Landscapes  -  ENPI Karelia Project KA 528






ENPI Karlands projects is going to organise a session in the GBF conference together with relevant other projects. The goal is to attach various ENPI activities with GBF process and make better use of the results.


The international conference “Green Belt of Fennoscandia” will take place at the Karelian Research Centre, RAS (KarRC of RAS) - Petrozavodsk, Karelia, Russia 7-12 October 2013 .The Conference is listed on the Key Events Plan of the Environment Year approved by the Government of the Russian Federation.

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The Conference will discuss and work out solutions to generate a common system of protected areas in the European North, and to join the efforts for comprehensively dealing with environmental, ethno-cultural and socio-economic problems of the border regions within GBF.

 For more information on the conference, take a look on conference website and contact by email (gbf2013@krc.karelia.ru).  See you at Petrozavodsk in October!



KARLANDS PROJECT SEMINAR  at Petrozavodsk State University 29.5.


Project seminar at Petrozavodsk State University discussed project results and planned the next steps. 



Partners presented results concerning, e.g., landscape planning, legislation about landscape planning and regional planning systems and policies.  One of the key aspects is that there is no legal basis for landscape planning.  These issues need to be dealt with using other terminology in the Russain context. 


Project internal and external communication & information dissemination were discussed as related to collaboration.  


Next project meeting will be held in the beginning of August. 



KARLANDS project attracts new valuable networks



a. Visit to Ministry of natural Resources and Environment, Russia


H:\\Karlands\\photos\\P5288871.JPGENPI Karlands project team lead by Dr Eugene Lopatin from University of Eastern Finland(Joensuu, Finland) met with deputy minister Aleksei Pavlov at Petrozavodsk

(Republic of Karelia, Russian Federation) on Tuesday  28.5. to promote project’s ongoing work with mapping of border areas landscapes and developing their sustainable use.


Petrozavodsk meeting was successful and future co-operation was agreed about.  Project implementation is based on research and updating data, planning and using the results with stakeholders, making it public by extensive local, regional and state level activities.


b. Meeting at KRC (Karelian Research Centre) and SPOK (Karelia Regional Nature Conservancy)



On the 29.5.2013, Project coordination team (Lopatin, Maxim Trishkin, Timo J. Hokkanen) met at KRC discussing about the possibilities to cooperate within the projects as well as issues regarding information sharing. Partners were positive that the data from some project model sites could be utilized by external users.


Lopatin and Trishkin also met with Regional NGO “SPOK” director Alexander Morkovsky and Inna Shalaeva (“SPOK”, specialist) on project collaboration issues on 30.5. SPOK representatives agreed with the project objectives hence decided to take active role in the project. It was also planned that KARLANDS’ banner and selected outcomes will be be published on the portal lead by SPOK under the link www.forest-karelia.ru



ENPI Karlands reaches out to locals; Karjalainen newspaper(FIN), Kauppatie (RUS)

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KARLANDS project concept gained interest in the media industry whereby information about the project has been published in numerous media sources at a short time span. Read news from:


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Project coordinator:  Dr Eugene Lopatin 

e-mail: eugene.lopatin@uef.fi phone: +358 (0)50 44 22923 http://www.karlands.fi






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