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Newsletter 1/2013


Sustainable Karelian Landscapes  -  ENPI Karelia Project KA 528


Welcome to read ENPI Karlands News!


Sustainable Karelian Landscapes (KARLANDS) ENPI project (2013 -2014) strives towards integrating landscape planning and monitoring, with a vision to bridge the use of natural resources (stone, minerals, land, wood and other biological resurces) with biodiversity maintenance and supporting sustainable recreational use of nature along the Finnish-Russian border.


New approaches are needed as globalization, climate change, and demands lead to more intensive use of natural resources are causing  new challenges to the landscapes and Karelian life, overiding local communities and institutions, cornerinH:\\Karlands\\photos\\Newsletter1 photo.JPGg them into conflicts, temporary solutions and unsustainable practices.


Project implementation is based on research and updating data, planning and using the results with stakeholders, making it public by extensive local, regional and state level activities. The selected approach will allow developing extensive co-operation & building the continuity on the existing results by involving strong organizations.


Transboundary Russian - Finnish approach aims at increasing sustainability also in co-operative actions between project partners [University of Eastern Finland (coordinator), Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for North Karelia (FIN), Petrozavodsk State University (RUS), Lenoe Byro Partner Ltd (RUS), Kostamus Strict Nature Reserve (RUS), Directorate of Regional Protected Areas of the Republic of Karelia (RUS)] and project stakeholders.


All key objectives of the project revolve within good governance. Evaluation of nature use intH:\\Karlands\\photos\\MAP.JPGensification in cross-border context in addition to updating data on natural resources and biodiversity are crucial for the project since the data will be used in developing a landscape plan as well as a common spatially explicit database on the natural resources within model territories.


The project will deal with requirements of local stakeholders, regional development plans and national and international strategies expressed by conventions and directives.







Project dissemination activities are designed to create distinct project identity & involving new people and organizations. By choosing the right dissemination methods and distribution channels it will be easy to follow project progress and results. Dissemination processes will be done in close cooperation with participating organizations and networks.


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Key dissemination goals (internal and external) are to raise awareness and understanding of project objectives and actions about the value chains which maintain the regions and being functional on landscape level;  and to help reaching of commitment, further actions and continuity of processes started within the project and its sphere.


Dissemination actions concentrate on project results and strengths of the Karlands region and partners. We also promote various other activities related to project and reveal future opportunities of the co-operation among the key stakeholders.


You can follow us easily by taking part in face-to-face meetings, seminars and conferences and by reading  our newsletters and media releases. Welcome to Karlands team!


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Project coordinator: 
Dr Eugene Lopatin 

e-mail: eugene.lopatin@uef.fi
phone: +358 (0)50 44 22923



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 Directorate of Regional Protected Areas of the Republic of Karelia

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