-Avoid single use packaging


- Sort your waste 


- Aim for eco products or recycled products and materials


- Recommend environmentally friendly and certified products


- Opt for eco friendly products such as for cleaning and choose environmentally friendly chemicals 


-Serve tap water instead of bottled water if water is safe for drinking

  • In Finland, tap water is treated and hence very safe for drinking hence one does not need bottled water. Bottled water production and its transportation to stores consume alot of energy and foreign bottles cannot be recycled

- Favor electronic communication to prevent unnecessary printing


- Replace paper towels with cloth towel or clothroll


- Replace products/materials when really necessary


- Set goals to reduce waste 

C:\\Users\\A015904\\Desktop\\br ph\\trash by Eevi Kohio.jpg

Waste does not belong in nature,: Make the environment clean for all including yourself by disposing your waste in the right way. Photo: Eevi Kohio

Hints to customers 

- Do not litter! Always place your waste in the right litter bin.


- Opt for disposable packaging, also bottles that are recyclable/from companies that are recycling


- Please carry your waste to home if you do not find the appropriate recycling station for tem at the recycling point. 



Puhas Oy, Joensuu



More info on waste management:

Joensuun ympäristönsuojelutoimiston jätteenkäsittely- ja vähennysohjeet


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