- Use locally produced ingredients


- Use natural ingredients as frequently as possible in cooking

  • Berries, Mushrooms, rice, Fish and natural herbs
  • Growing in own land requires fertilizers, sowing, irrigation, harvesting e.t.c of which wild plants and wildlife do not need 

-Remember energy saving cooking practices

  • Place lid on top of pot whence cooking as boiling point is reached faster
  • Take advantage of the residual heat:put off the oven/stove off after cooking
  • Whence purchasing kitchen appliances, opt for energy saving ones
  • Opt for microwave when defrosting/warming small quantities of food: Microwave consumes less energy than stoves

 - Its sustainable to opt for seasonal vegetables and incline more towards vegetarianism

  • Vegeterian foods produce less carbon than meat
  • Using seasonal vegetables is good. In addition, one can plant own organic herbs and produce during summer and use rain water for irrigation. This in turn saves both energy and money to and from shops, gets fresh tasty, organic food

For customers:


-Local restaurants using local produce may not have a wide range of choices but the food is usually better quality and healthier


- Choosing seasonal foods while visiting restaurants is the best way to get the more natural taste of ingredients


H:\\NKBR\\BR Website\\Pictures\\website photos\\from timo\\bread – Kopio.jpg

Photo: Timo Hokkanen
C:\\Users\\A015904\\Desktop\\br ph\\lingonberry.jpg           Finnish forests are full of berries fully natural and with great health benefits. Photo: Sami Niemelainen

H:\\NKBR\\BR Website\\Pictures\\website photos\\Nature web photos\\parppeinvaara piirakka_kuva-10.jpg

            Karelian pies are reknown work of art (handmade) and traditional delicacy in Eastern Finland.  Photo:Parppeinvaara

Examples of restaurants using local and organic foods:

Ravintola Parppeinpirtti, Ilomantsi

Ravintola Kielo, Joensuu

Joensuun teatteriravintola


More info:

WWF- ruoka- maailma lautasella

Joensuun kaupungin ympäristönsuojelutoimisto- ruoka

Joutsenmerkitty ravintola



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