Eco-Efficient Seminar 21-22.11.2013, North Karelia, Finland 


The three-day seminar focused on Investments and Marketing within the scope of Eco-efficient Tourism. The seminar offered examples how communities and businesses can improve eco-efficiency in their day to day tourism business through marketing (e.g., by using collaboration and electronic means) as well as how to attract investments in tourism sector.


Examples included real case examples from both Republic of Karelia and Finland. The language used during the seminar was Finnish and Russian. Specialists from Republic of Karelia, Petrozavodsk, Pryazha and Sortavala attended the event. Finnish experts’ were no exception.


On the right side of this page are listed all presentations from the seminar. Click files to download your presentation of interest. The participant list, programme of seminar, and seminar Reportcan be downloaded from below:


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                Photo: Capture of Markku Litja's presentation on KareliaExpert



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