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May  2014

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Green Belt of Fennoscandia workshop in Joensuu, 2.6.2014  

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 Venue: Regional Council of North Karelia, Siltakatu 2, Joensuu (Maakuntasali)


Time: 0900-1500; Language of sessions is Finnish


Registration and programme: click here


More info: Linnu.Marsy@ymparisto.fi (0295 250 367)


NOTE: No. of participants is limited to 30 persons



Green Belt of Fennoscandia (GBF) is a strip of territory stretching along the Finnish-Russian-Norwegian borders from the Barents to the Baltic Sea. At the heart of the Green Belt is located North Karelia Biosphere Reserve. More Publications on the subject: Click here (Document in Finnish)




Biosphere Reserve thanks its steering committee for successful meeting 9.5.2014


logo_monivari.jpgDr. Timo J Hokkanen; on behalf of the North Karelian Biosphere Reserve takes the opportunity to thank all its steering committee members for making the 9.5.2014 held meeting a success.  The meeting yielded great ideas for development and innovative steps and strategies for further development and networking of the region. New partners were also accepted to the Biosphere Reserve network. Next meeting is in Autumn! See the  List of steering committee members 2014-2016



Eco-efficient Tourism Project final seminar 27-28.5.2014

" A chance to experience the tangible results of the 2 year project"


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"Eco-efficient tourism" project final seminar will take place in the holiday centre "Denisov mys" on the amazing shore of Syamozero lake and "Ruskeala mining park",Republic of Karelia on May 27-28, 2014. The seminar wild be held in English with possible translation in Russian and Finnish. The participants of the seminar will include representatives of local authorities, business, scientific organizations and NGOs, with no exception of locals and third parties who are interested in project's results. Click here for the preliminary programme. More info on the event: Ellen Cherniakevich (cherniakevich@northcentre.ru,+79535264711). More info about the project: here



7500 visitors participated in the annual SCIFEST event within the Biosphere Reserve


7500 visitors joined in the SciFest 2014 event themed “Critical Structures”, in accordance with the UNESCO International Year of Crystallography . According to YLE national news of Finland, a total of 3500 visitors joined in the first day of the event; the largest number of visitors in the history of SciFest to visit in a single day.


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"It is great to see that people are enthusistic about scientific events and even go deeper in engaging in workshops. Science is a joy of discovery and not dependant on age" states Erkki Sutinnen; Chairman of Joensuu Science Society and committee member of the North Karelian Biosphere Reserve.( YLE)


SciFest is a yearly international festival which brings together thousands of schoolkids, high school students, and teachers from around the world to discover new experiences and learn about science, technology and the environment. SciFest is all about bringing science to young people in fun and engaging ways. This is why the chief element of the festival is workshops, where kids can experiment and try things out for themselves. The Biosphere Reserve is a supporter of the event!


More info about the event: click here



Vaarojen Maraton registration opens 4.6.2014 at 18:00

"Over 500 places reserved already"


vaarojen maraton 2014 logo.JPGVaarojen Maraton; translated as “Marathon of hills” in English will be held for the 8th time 5.10.2013 in the Koli National Park and its surroundings that lie within the Biosphere Reserve. The race offers several categories from 15 km to 86 km. Participants choose suitable km for them. The number of participants is limited to 750. 400 places are already reserved for the most popular run of 43 km and 100 places for the 86 km run.  Places are reserved by registration. Registration and event info: Click here.More information: Heikki Hamunen 0400 350900



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