North Karelia Biosphere Reserve


June  2014

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Eco-efficient Tourism Project final seminar 27-28.5.2014

" A chance to experience the tangible results of the 2 year project"


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The final seminar of Eco Efficient Tourism project was held on 27.-28.5.2014 in the Republic of Karelia. On the first day people gathered in Denisov Mys holiday centre where the results of the project were presented. On the second day visits were made to targets realized in cooperation with the project. Several site visits were made; to the lake Syamozero which is very popular in summer, stop over site in Kolatselkä where the new Magu Pala café has been opened and a hotel Piipun Piha where delicious lunch was served. The last resort was Ruskeala Mining Park where participants got familiarized with the beautiful surroundings of the old mining area.

The project pointed out as prolific and was seen as just the beginning of co-operation between Finland and Russia to develop and harmonize eco efficiency and successful entrepreneurship. The participants of the seminar included representatives of local authorities, business, scientific organizations and NGOs, with no exception of locals and third parties who were interested in project's results. Click here for the seminar presentations. More info about the project: here
















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