Overall Objective:

Fostering good governance in Karelian landscapes of Finland and Russia



Specific objectives:

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1. To develop common spatially explicit database on current and potential use of natural resources, primary production, state of biodiversity and recreational use of nature for the Muezerskiy and Kostomukshskiy regions from Russian side and provinces of Ilomantsi, Lieksa, Kuhmo from Finnish side.

2. To update natural resources inventory and biodiversity data using satellite remote sensing.

3. To evaluate the impact of nature use intensification in cross-border context using the various value chains (stone and extractive industry value chain, gold mining value chain, forestry and wood value chain, energy production and consumption, bioenergy development versus oil consumption, biodiversity and multiple use & conservation of forests, nature tourism versus natural resources utilization).

4. To develop integrated landscape plan aimed to maximize the utilization of natural resources, biodiversity conservation and recreational use of nature in study area.


To enhance efficiency, a stakeholder panels  for consultation in various project uses (e.g., collecting data, making plans, dissemination of information) has been drafted.









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  KARLANDS project will address to the following issues:
• Current state of biodiversity, use of nature resources and recreation along the border?
• How to maintain the biodiversity along the Finnish-Russian border while increasing the use of natural resources?
• Possibilities for common Finnish-Russian integrated landscape planning along the border?
• How to find the balance between conservation of biodiversity and utilization of natural resources?


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  Photo: Eugene Lopatin