MULTI EFFORT target groups include:

a) Local people on both sides of the border with interest on utilization of provisioning forest ecosystem services.

b) School students, students of University of Joensuu, Petrozavodsk State University, Karelian State Pedagogical University and Saint-Petersburg State Forest University


c) Foresters, nature conservationists and agents involved in fire fighting,

d) Regional decision makers.


The whole human population of North Karelia in Finland as well as Republic of Karelia in Russia will benefit from the project through enhanced forest based livelihood and recreational opportunities.


IMG_9277.JPGMULTI EFFORT will contribute to the needs of local people by providing educational services
and analysing possibilities for producing a chain of mushroom, berry and medicine plants'
from forest to markets hat will support local economies.
Photo:Daisy Silvennoinen
H:\\NKBR\\Biosphere Reserve\\BR Website photos\\Autumn\\diner junker.jpgMULTI EFFORT will address the needs of foresters, forest companies and fire fighters both in Finland and Russia for forest fuel type and fire risk classifications. Photo: Diner Junker




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yle_paivi leppanen.jpgMULTI EFFORT will provide educational and training services for the
school and university students including lectures and seminars
at the Universities within project region
Photo: Päivi Leppanen
kite boating_sami niemelainen.jpgMULTI EFFORT willprovide essential information to the regional decision
makers to improve rural development and livelihoods and for
more efficient fire prevention and suppression. 
Photo by: Sami Niemelainen