The overall objective of MULTIEFFORT is to improve quality of life of the target groups and final beneficiaries through improved forest ecosystem services in Karelian regions


Specific objectives:

1) to create a comprehensive view of the target regions by analysing ecosystem services, possibilities and constraints for multiple forest use;


2) to evaluate the regional direct and indirect economic impacts on selected forest ecosystem services in Finland (Kainuu, North Karelia and Oulu Regions) and the Republic of Karelia and their potential demand in other parts of Finland,


3) to develop a strategy to minimize forest fires and their impacts, especially economical losses created by un-controlled forest fires;


4) to compile a proposal to develop permanent structures and marketing opportunities for non-wood forest products ( e.g., berries, mushrooms, medicine plants and traditional handcrafts produced from forest materials),


5) to involve target groups in the process by various concrete project actions (training, seminars, information dissemination etc.) concerning regional economic opportunities of non-wood products, prevention of forest fires etc.


The Biosphere Reserve participates in managing the project on Finnish side together with METLA, takes part in collection of research data, development and dissemination activities and organising educational actions.




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  lowresCRW_2123_RJ.jpg lowres_Q4F6479_eo1008.jpgImproving regulating services such as forest fire prevention, carbon sequestration and climate change mitigation is one of the activities to be undertaken by MULTIEFFORT