Overall objective


¤ To contribute to socio-economic development of GBF (including promotion of overall economic activity) by creating the system of sustainable use and enhanced reproduction of natural resources and mechanisms for their further economic utilization


¤ To secure sustainable reproduction of game animals and commercial fish populations in GBF territory on both sides of the border; to conserve biodiversity


Specific objective


¤ Development of hunting and fishing (i.a. by attracting hunters and fishermen from abroad) in pilot areas (Muezersky & Kalevalsky Districts, Kostomukshsky Municipal District, North Karelia Biosphere Reserve in Lieksa, Ilomantsi and Joensuu) through introduction of intellectual models of sustainable nature use and enhanced reproduction of natural resources. Delineation of trans-boundary ecological corridors - natural plant and animal migration pathways, and their withdrawal from economic activities and hunting.


¤ Enhancing the efficiency of utilization of the potential of the natural ecosystems of PAs through promotion of scientific and learning tourism


¤ Assessment and development of the resource-recreational potential and corresponding infrastructure improvement