Impact on natural conditions and communities

IntellGreenBelt is to develop models for sustainable nature use and enhanced

reproduction of natural resources in pilot areas, delineate ecological corridors, work out of conservation regimens for them, prepare the feasibility study for Tulos landscape reserve. That makes interconnection with all the natural conditions clear.


Impact on people

The project is aimed at increasing the level of comfort for fishermen, hunters, tourists and local residents in recreation an protected areas. The project is devoted to biodiversity protection. So the positive influence is clear.


Impact on conservation and development of cultural diversity

The project is aimed at creating more comfortable conditions for hunters/fishermen/tourists across the border. Ideally, they should not feel any significant difference on either side of the border when go hunting/fishing. Exchange of different cultural practices in hunting/fishing organization are also appropriate. In the long-term, this will contribute to improving cross-cultural communication.


Environmental Technology

The project envisages an introduction of up-to-date nature conservation
know-how to maintain natural ecosystems, populations of game animals and birds, and commercial fish, which constitute the international resource, with simultaneous recreational use of the territory. Implementation of small investment projects in infrastructure-building in selected areas together with measures to support enterprise in the hunting and fishing sectors will contribute to environment technologies and applications development in both Russia and Finland