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<< Intellectually driven management of natural resources of

Green Belt of Fennoscandia>>

Project KA529


Lead partner: Institution of the Russian Academy of Science Karelian Research Centre of the RAS (KarRC of RAS)


The main objectives of the IntellGreenBelt project are:


1. To contribute to socio-economic development of GBF (including promotion of overall economic activity) by creating the system of sustainable use and enhanced reproduction of natural resources and mechanisms for their further economic utilization

2. To secure sustainable reproduction of game animals and commercial fish populations in GBF territory on both sides of the border; to conserve biodiversity


North Karelia Biosphere Reserve is an associate partner of the project and is part of the core planning of the project as well as the many-sided participation especially in information dissemination and grass-root cross-border actions.


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Photos on this page: Sakari Lampola, Jaana-Marja Rotinen, Timo Hokkanen