Biosphere Reserve Activities

 The North Karelia Biosphere Reserve (NKBR) brings together individuals, community based organizations (CBOs), research institutes and corporate organizations in a forum where they can discuss the concept of sustainable development and use this knowledge to  encourage and improve environmental practices within respective fields. The Biosphere Reserve works with the Karelian community towards a more sustainable environment and livelihoods.




North Karelia Biosphere Reserve collaborates with local institutions and universities in carrying out research and monitoring  activities on various aspects such as:


-Atmospheric deposition of sulphur and nitrogen compounds
-Lake and river water quality
-Forest ecology
-Forest vegetation and insects
-Integrated monitoring programme
-Indicators of sustainability relevant to economic activities: human

population, forest structure etc.

There are specific variables associated with the Biosphere Reserve's research and monitoring activities. These are:


Abiotic:   Acidic deposition/Acid rain, hydrology, pollution, pollutants. 

Biodiversity:   Ecology, ecosystem functioning/ecosystem structure, forest systems, freshwater/inland water, invertebrates/insects/spiders, vegetation studies/plant cover.

Socio-economic:   Indicators of sustainability, social/socio-economic aspects.  

Integrated monitoring: Integrated studies/Interdisciplinary, monitoring/methodologies.



North Karelia Biosphere Research and its partner network helps support and implements projects that are promising in essence of sustainability. The projects can be of any kind as long as it is aimed towards a sustainable future. That means the project integrates the society and environment simultaneously in a sustainable manner. Click to see ongoing projects



Education and Outreach

Education and Outreach programmes on sustainable development issues in reference to man and the environment are evident within the North Karelia region. There are various ongoing studies and researches in relation to sustainable development in institutions and universities within North Karelia region. These institutions and universities form part of the Biosphere Reserve Network hence work side by side towards sustainability.


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